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Simple and easy way to natural looking, long lasting, silky & tangle free beautiful hair! All our hair extensions are made from 100% human hair which can be curled, washed, straightened and dyed. Non-permanent – our CLIP IN hair extensions can be removed and reattached in few minutes. The Do It Yourself application allows you to change your look in only 5 minutes – no salon required! Clip in hair extensions are the safest way to add length, volume, or color without causing damage to your own hair. It is a great alternative to permanent extensions. From permanent extensions we offer to our customers Nail Tip U tip hair extension method, Micro Ring – Easy Ring – Easy Loop - Micro Loop hair extension method, Pu extensions – TapeX – Hair talk – Tape in hair extensions all in the highest possible quality and made of 100% natural human hair.
Sibiřská 907/55
621 00 Brno - Řečkovice
Jihomoravský kraj / okres Brno-město
+420 776 605 477
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Rak Solutions s.r.o.

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